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Mike Ziemer

Dallas, TX

Mike Ziemer is a young entrepreneur responsible for founding Third String Productions, South By So What?! Music Festival, and Evolve Music Management. Ziemer started his career in the music industry at the age of 16 helping out friends in local bands & writing for a small online ‘zine called Utterpunk.com. From 16 to 18, Ziemer found odd jobs helping bands while holding “day jobs” at places such as Braums & Hollister. At the age of 18, Ziemer put on his first concert for some friends of his in local Dallas suburb Plano, the concert was such a success that Ziemer decided to keep doing them. What developed from this passion to bring live music to the Dallas suburbs was Ziemer’s company Third String Productions. Since starting, Ziemer has hosted all ages concerts & festivals with impressive attendance counts as high as 8,000!


In 2006, following a cover story Business Week released on Ziemer & his work with Third String Productions & Buzz-Oven, he decided to use his position as an “influencer” to start offering his marketing services to outside promoters & local Dallas venues. In 2009, Ziemer took this a step further & started a marketing company called Media Magic Marketing that was purchased by an investor and renamed Z Interactive. This company specialized in using social media & online marketing to create, build, & grow online communities for restaurants, businesses, bars, venues, clubs, & more, turning online traffic into real business.


In 2011, Ziemer focused heavily on Z Interactive but ultimately his love and passion for music combined with new opportunities lead to him leaving the company to focus all efforts on his music ventures These ventures included the task of re-launching Unsilent Night at Fair Park in Dallas and moving  South By So What?! to the 10,000+ cap baseball field QuikTrip Park. Alongside the festivals, Evolve Music Management was launched with a team of industry friends.


In 2012, South By So What?! would do over 5,000 people at it's new home inside of QuikTrip Park and in 2013, the festival would do over 6,000 people, giving Ziemer a more established place in the music industry and positioning him to launch the massive undertaking of a 3-Day edition of South By So What?! in take place in March of 2014 as a celebration of his company, Third String Productions, 10 years in business. 


“It’s crazy to see what started out as helping a few best friends in high school grow to something like this,” Ziemer explains, “I never imagined it could be where it is. I was just featured in Alternative Press… a magazine I had plastered to the walls of my bedroom growing up; it’s surreal.”


Currently, Ziemer is focused on the upcoming South By So What?! Music Festival, managing artists including the recently signed Fever Dreamer (Sumerian Records) and Indirections (InVogue Records) and creating new festival properties that will be introduced in 2015. Ziemer plans to move to Los Angeles in June of this year to be better surrounded by the music industry and take his business to the next level. “I grew up in Huntington Beach and it’s always been my vision to go back,” Ziemer explains, “I am anxious to see what opportunities arise and how being in the middle of all the action will help grow my festivals and help my artists.”